Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Bhola District

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Bhola District

Thana/Upazila within Bhola District are: Bhola Sadar, Borhanuddin UPO, Charfashion, Doulatkhan, Hajirhat, Hatshoshiganj. The following table contains post codes of various sub post office in Bhola district.

Thana Sub Office Post Code

Bhola Sadar

Bhola Sadar 8300
Joynagar 8301

Borhanuddin UPO

Borhanuddin UPO 8320
Mirzakalu 8321


Charfashion 8340
Dularhat 8341
Keramatganj 8342


Doulatkhan 8310
Hajipur 8311


Hajirhat 8360


Hatshoshiganj 8350

Lalmohan UPO

Daurihat 8331
Gazaria 8332
Lalmohan UPO 8330

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