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Remembering four years of deadliest “Rana Plaza” Tragedy

The building in Savar that housed five garment factories on the outskirts of capital Dhaka collapsed on Apr 24, 2013, killing over 1,100 workers under the debris. It is considered the deadliest garment-factory accident in history, as well as the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history.

The building contained clothing factories, a bank, apartments, and several shops. The shops and the bank on the lower floors immediately closed after cracks were discovered in the building. The building’s owners ignored warnings to avoid using the building after cracks had appeared the day before. Garment workers were ordered to return the following day, and the building collapsed during the morning rush-hour.

Collapse and rescue

On the morning of 24 April, there was a power outage, and diesel generators on the top floor were started. The building collapsed at about 08:57 a.m. BST, leaving only the ground floor intact. The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association president confirmed that 3,122 workers were in the building at the time of the collapse. One local resident described the scene as if “an earthquake had struck.”

Very early on in the rescue effort, the United Nations offered to send their expert search and rescue unit, known as the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG), to the site, but this offer was rejected by government of Bangladesh. The government made a statement suggesting that the area’s local rescue emergency services were well equipped. Prior to offering assistance to Bangladesh, the UN held consultations to assess the country’s ability to mount an effective rescue operation, and they reached the conclusion that they lacked that capability. Bangladeshi officials, fearing damage to national pride, refused to accept the assistance offered to them by the UN. A large portion of the rescue operation consisted of inadequately equipped volunteers, many of whom had no protective clothing and wore sandals. Some buried workers drank their own urine to survive the high temperatures, waiting to be saved. Not only was the Bangladeshi government accused of favouring national pride over those buried alive, but many relatives of those trapped in the debris criticised the government for trying to end the rescue mission prematurely.

One of the garment manufacturers’ websites indicates that more than half of the victims were women, along with a number of their children who were in nursery facilities within the building. Bangladeshi Home Minister Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir confirmed that fire service personnel, police, and military troops were assisting with the rescue effort. Volunteer rescue workers used bolts of fabric to assist survivors to escape from the building. A national day of mourning was held on 25 April.

On 8 May army spokesman, Mir Rabbi, said the army’s attempt to recover more bodies from the rubble would continue for at least another week. On 10 May, 17 days after the collapse, a woman named Reshma was found and rescued alive and almost unhurt under the rubble.


The direct reasons for the building problems were:

  1. Building built on a filled in pond which compromised structural integrity,
  2. Conversion from commercial use to industrial use,
  3. Addition of 4 floors above the original permit,
  4. The use of substandard construction material (which led to an overload of the building structure aggravated by vibrations due to the generators). Those various elements indicated dubious business practices by Sohel Rana and dubious administrative practices in Savar.

One good example to illustrate the dubious administrative practices is the evacuation of the building after the cracks. It was reported that the Industrial police first requested the evacuation of the building until an inspection had been conducted. It was also reported that Abdur Razak Khan, an engineer, declared the building unsafe and requested public authorities to conduct a more thorough inspection; he was arrested for helping the owner illegally add three floors. It is also reported that Kabir Hossain Sardar, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer who visited the site, met with Sohel Rana, and declared the building safe. Sohel Rana said to the media that the building was safe and workers should return to work the next day. One manager of the factories in the Rana Plaza reported that Sohel Rana told them that the building was safe. Managers then requested the workers to go back to work and as a result workers also returned to the factories the next day.

The families of the deceased and the injured workers are still struggling for just compensations as an ActionAid survey showed almost 42 percent of the survivors are still unemployed.  [NGO BRAC, 2016]

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দ্বিতীয় শ্রেণী

তৃতীয় শ্রেণী

চতুর্থ শ্রেণী

পঞ্চম শ্রেণী

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Bangladesh Post Codes

Each delivery post offices of Bangladesh are assigned unique post codes to sort deliver postal Articles efficiently. Post code is assigned on the basis of postal system and Geographical distribution of population. Purpose of post code is to deliver articles at the earliest.

Post code for various Bangladesh post office is listed here as district wise. Please click on the district name for respective information.

 Barisal Division (6)

 Barguna  Barisal  Bhola
 Jhalokati  Patuakhali  Pirojpur

 Chittagong Division(11)

 Bandarban  Brahmanbaria  Chandpur
 Chittagong  Comilla  Cox’s Bazar
 Feni  Khagrachhari  Lakshmipur
 Noakhali  Rangamati

 Dhaka Division(17)

 Dhaka  Faridpur  Gazipur
 Gopalganj  Jamalpur  Kishoreganj
 Madaripur  Manikganj  Munshiganj
 Mymensingh  Narayanganj  Narsingdi
 Netrokona  Rajbari  Shariatpur
 Sherpur  Tangail

 Khulna Division(10)

 Bagerhat  Chuadanga  Jessore
 Jhenaidah  Khulna  Kushtia
 Magura  Meherpur  Narail

 Rajshahi Division(8)

 Bogra  Joypurhat  Naogaon
 Natore  Chapai Nawabganj  Pabna
 Rajshahi  Sirajganj

 Rangpur Division(8)

 Dinajpur  Gaibandha  Kurigram
 Lalmonirhat  Nilphamari  Panchagarh
 Rangpur  Thakurgaon

 Sylhet Division(4)

 Habiganj  Maulvi Bazar  Sunamganj

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Thakurgaon District

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Thakurgaon District

Thana/Upazila within Thakurgaon District are: Baliadangi, Jibanpur, Pirganj, Rani Sankail. The following table contains post codes of various sub post office in Thakurgaon district.

Thana Sub Office Post Code


Baliadangi 5140
Lahiri 5141


Jibanpur 5130


Pirganj 5110
Pirganj 5470

Rani Sankail

Nekmarad 5121
Rani Sankail 5120

Thakurgaon Sadar

Ruhia 5103
Shibganj 5102
Thakurgaon Road 5101
Thakurgaon Sadar 5100

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Tangail District

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Tangail District

Thana/Upazila within Tangail District are: Basail, Bhuapur, Delduar, Ghatail, Gopalpur, Kalihati, Kashkaolia, Madhupur, Mirzapur, Nagarpur, Sakhipur. The following table contains post codes of various sub post office in Tangail district.

Thana Sub Office Post Code


Basail 1920


Bhuapur 1960


Delduar 1910
Elasin 1913
Hinga Nagar 1914
Jangalia 1911
Lowhati 1915
Patharail 1912


D. Pakutia 1982
Dhalapara 1983
Ghatial 1980
Lohani 1984
Zahidganj 1981


Gopalpur 1990
Hemnagar 1992
Jhowail 1991


Ballabazar 1973
Elinga 1974
Kalihati 1970
Nagarbari 1977
Nagarbari SO 1976
Nagbari 1972
Palisha 1975
Rajafair 1971


Kashkawlia 1930


Dhobari 1997
Madhupur 1996


Gorai 1941
Jarmuki 1944
M.C. College 1942
Mirzapur 1940
Mohera 1945
Warri paikpara 1943


Dhuburia 1937
Nagarpur 1936
Salimabad 1938


Kochua 1951
Sakhipur 1950

Tangail Sadar

Kagmari 1901
Korotia 1903
Purabari 1904
Santosh 1902
Tangail Sadar 1900

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Sylhet District

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Sylhet District

Thana/Upazila within Sylhet District are: Balaganj, Bianibazar, Bishwanath, Fenchuganj, Goainhat, Gopalganj, Jaintapur, Jakiganj, Kanaighat, Kompanyganj. The following table contains post codes of various sub post office in Sylhet district.

Thana Sub Office Post Code


Balaganj 3120
Begumpur 3125
Brahman Shashon 3122
Gaharpur 3128
Goala Bazar 3124
Karua 3121
Kathal Khair 3127
Natun Bazar 3129
Omarpur 3126
Tajpur 3123


Bianibazar 3170
Churkai 3175
jaldup 3171
Kurar bazar 3173
Mathiura 3172
Salia bazar 3174


Bishwanath 3130
Dashghar 3131
Deokalas 3133
Doulathpur 3132
Singer kanch 3134


Fenchuganj 3116
Fenchuganj SareKarkh 3117


Chiknagul 3152
Goainhat 3150
Jaflong 3151


banigram 3164
Chandanpur 3165
Dakkhin Bhadashore 3162
Dhaka Dakkhin 3161
Gopalgannj 3160
Ranaping 3163


Jainthapur 3156


Ichhamati 3191
Jakiganj 3190


Chatulbazar 3181
Gachbari 3183
Kanaighat 3180
Manikganj 3182


Kompanyganj 3140

Sylhet Sadar

Birahimpur 3106
Jalalabad 3107
Jalalabad Cantoment 3104
Kadamtali 3111
Kamalbazer 3112
Khadimnagar 3103
Lalbazar 3113
Mogla 3108
Ranga Hajiganj 3109
Shahajalal Science & 3114
Silam 3105
Sylhe Sadar 3100
Sylhet Biman Bondar 3102
Sylhet Cadet Col 3101

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Sunamganj District

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Sunamganj District

Thana/Upazila within Sunamganj District are: Bishamsarpur, Chhatak, Dhirai Chandpur, Duara bazar, Ghungiar, Jagnnathpur, Sachna, Sunamganj Sadar. The following table contains post codes of various sub post office in Sunamganj district.

Thana Sub Office Post Code


Bishamsapur 3010


Chhatak 3080
Chhatak Cement Facto 3081
Chhatak Paper Mills 3082
Chourangi Bazar 3893
Gabindaganj 3083
Gabindaganj Natun Ba 3084
Islamabad 3088
jahidpur 3087
Khurma 3085
Moinpur 3086

Dhirai Chandpur

Dhirai Chandpur 3040
Jagdal 3041

Duara bazar

Duara bazar 3070


Ghungiar 3050


Atuajan 3062
Hasan Fatemapur 3063
Jagnnathpur 3060
Rasulganj 3064
Shiramsi 3065
Syedpur 3061


Sachna 3020

Sunamganj Sadar

Pagla 3001
Patharia 3002
Sunamganj Sadar 3000


Tahirpur 3030

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Sirajganj District

Postal Zip Codes (postcode) for Sirajganj District

Thana/Upazila within Sirajganj District are: Baiddya Jam Toil, Belkuchi, Dhangora, Kazipur, Shahjadpur, Sirajganj Sadar, Tarash. The following table contains post codes of various sub post office in Sirajganj district.

Thana Sub Office Post Code

Baiddya Jam Toil

Baiddya Jam Toil 6730


Belkuchi 6740
Enayetpur 6751
Rajapur 6742
Sohagpur 6741
Sthal 6752


Dhangora 6720
Malonga 6721


Gandail 6712
Kazipur 6710
Shuvgachha 6711


Jamirta 6772
Kaijuri 6773
Porjana 6771
Shahjadpur 6770

Sirajganj Sadar

Raipur 6701
Rashidabad 6702
Sirajganj Sadar 6700


Tarash 6780


Lahiri Mohanpur 6762
Salap 6763
Ullapara 6760
Ullapara R.S 6761